Osburn Contractors LLC is a leader in the construction of mega industrial facilities and very large tilt-wall or slab projects. Our labor force, project management, and project execution teams have a depth of experience unmatched in the industry. And our modern, reliable equipment for placing and finishing concrete provides an extra measure of control over costs, schedules and finished quality.

Osburn regularly overcomes challenges that include difficult site conditions, tight specification tolerances for slab finish and levelness, atypical wall panels with insulation or brick tiles and more. The flatwork team’s ability to develop strategies and solve problems for every situation, combined with its integration with other Osburn business units, gives our team greater control over the project — a very real advantage over most other contractors.


Commercial concrete construction of building slabs and foundations

We provide turn-key services, including structural excavations, formwork, installation of reinforcing steel, placement, and finishing of cast-in-place concrete.

Large industrial building slabs

Our crews and construction techniques have been specifically tailored to quickly and efficiently build high-quality concrete flatwork for large and “mega-sized” industrial and warehouse facilities.

High-bay-height industrial tilt-wall panels

We have the specialized experience it takes to carefully plan and sequence tilt-up concrete wall panel casting for high-efficiency erection and shorter construction schedules.

Multistory building tilt-wall panels

From complicated wall panel shapes, panel openings, complex inserts/embeds, architectural embellishments, and exterior finishes, our professionals have the experience building high-quality tilt-up concrete walls for a variety of multistory building types.

Site paving

Turn-key concrete construction of parking lots, drive lanes, curbs and gutters, fire lanes, loading dock pavements and concrete pads under utilities.


Turn-key concrete construction of sidewalks, pedestrian plaza areas, and other hardscape architectural features.

Osburn’s Expanded Capabilities List Makes Us Your Full-service Partner.

In addition to the Flatwork and Tilt-Wall specialties, our team has extensive experience in multistory cast-in-place construction. Combined with the supporting services of our Trucking and Pumping groups, Osburn presents greater value as a full-service concrete construction provider for nearly any project type.

Multistory (low-/mid-/high-rise) cast-in-place concrete structures 

From 2-story to 40-story buildings and beyond, we provide turn-key structural concrete services, including structural excavations, vertical and horizontal formwork, shoring, installation of reinforcing steel and post-tensioning systems, hoisting, placement, and finishing of cast-in-place concrete. Learn more

Full-service concrete trucking with our large fleet of concrete mixers and material haulers

Our concrete trucking fleet of over 300 vehicles services our own projects for greater control over concrete delivery and production, but we also offer a full-service, lease out service to external customers (locally or nationally) looking for the same precise control. Our lease out service and price takes care of the truck, driver, fuel, insurance and dispatch support. Learn more

Full-service concrete pumping with 34- to 56-meter equipment

Osburn’s concrete pumping fleet services our own projects for greater control over concrete placement. We also offer a complete lease out service to external customers looking for the same level of control, and we can provide this service on a nationwide basis. Our lease out service and price includes the equipment, driver/pump operator, fuel, insurance, and dispatch support. Learn more

Featured Work

  • JJLemon Industrial Center, Dallas, TX. Two tilt-up big box structures and parking lot, aerial view

    JJ Lemon Industrial Center Two tilt-up, big box industrial structures totaling 702,000 sq. ft. with 20 acres of parking, complete in 2016. Project won the TEXO Distinguished Building Award. Osburn Contractors, Trucking and Pumping provided services to Jordan Foster, GC.

  • Platinum Park Office Building, Plano, TX, tilt-up/slab-on-deck construction

    Platinum Park Office Building, Plano, TX - 5-story, 166,000 sq. ft. concrete slab-on-metal-deck pour completed 2016. Osburn Contractors, Trucking and Pumping provided services for Hill & Wilkinson, GC. Developer, Stream realty.

  • SWFA Outdoors, Midlothian, TX, tilt-up wall panels with integral cast brick for exterior

    SWFA Outdoors Retail Store, Midlothian, TX - Tilt-up wall panels were cast with integral brick tiles for the exterior, in lieu of laying conventional brick. Completed 2013. Osburn Contractors and Pumping provided services for UEB Builders.

  • Kubota Headquarters, Grapevine, TX, multi-story tilt-up office and parking, aerial view

    New Kubota Headquarters, Grapevine, TX – Multi-story tilt-up office, R&D, and parking facility to be complete 2016, part of a 25-acre campus. Project to be awarded a Tilt-Up Achievement award from the Tilt-Up Concrete Association. Osburn Contractors providing services to Hill & Wilkinson, GC.

  • Rick Reedy High School, Frisco, TX, tilt-up construction, front view

    Rick Reedy High School, Frisco, TX - 2-story concrete tilt-wall structure, completed 2015. Lee Lewis Construction, GC. Also partnered with Lee Lewis on two additional Frisco ISD structures, Lebanon Trail High School and Frisco Memorial High School.

  • DLR Integrity Data Center, Richardson, TX, tilt-up/slab-on-deck construction, aerial view

    DLR Integrity Data Center, Richardson, TX - 3 story, 140,000 sq.ft. concrete tilt-up/slab-on-metal-deck pour completed in only 10 months in 2016. The building reused 750 tons of structural steel from Virginia. Osburn Contractors, Trucking and Pumping provided services for DPR Construction. Client, Digital Realty. Architect, Highland Associates.