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  • Osburn Contractors has been one of the most consistent and high performing team members relied upon by FA Peinado. Osburn has very successfully completed multiple projects for FA Peinado including millions of SF of concrete for very high caliber corporate and developer clients such as; Caterpillar, Bandera Ventures, PM Realty Group, Duke Realty, and Panattoni Development. I couldn't be more confident and pleased with the overall performance, quality and responsiveness in every situation. Thank you for the value you always provide.

    Teddy Peinado, FA Peinado

  • Working in the Houston Market, I never imagined that getting concrete delivered would be an issue. My jobsite was at a standstill for a month because we couldn't get concrete delivered. With Osburn Trucking, there's no more waiting to get concrete to the job.

    Mickey Thatcher, Bo Mac - Sweeny, Texas

  • If you are looking for a great company to work with for all your concrete pumping needs, try Osburn Pumping. This company is one of the most conscientious pumping companies that we work with, and they strive for excellence.

    Linda Kapavik, Associated Concrete Contractors, Inc.
    Purchasing Agent

  • Bob Moore Construction, Inc. has used Osburn Contractors for 21 years on a wide variety of projects, and their team has never let us down. Osburn Contractors has proven themselves in quality, performance, and pricing consistently over time. They are able to bring the manpower and equipment when needed to meet the most aggressive schedules and to recover from weather delays. We view Osburn Contractors as one of our contractors of choice for quality, competitive, and timely concrete work.

    Larry Knox, Bob Moore Construction, Inc.
    Executive Vice President