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High horsepower partnerships are at the heart of everything we do


Creating a partnership with clients from start to end

Our partnership with customers starts before the project even begins. Osburn shares your goal of providing high-quality construction on time and on budget. We proactively offer ideas to save time and money and provide input on constructability at different phases of the project, leveraging our expertise to benefit you and your clients.


Creating a partnership with clients from start to end

Our capabilities go beyond the traditional scope of work provided by our competitors. Since we deliver a wide array of services and resources via our four primary business groups, we offer the convenience of a single point of contact for everything related to concrete construction.


Creating a partnership with clients from start to end

At Osburn, strict quality control is essential to everything we do. Unlike most other contractors, we monitor every phase of every concrete construction project. Learn More

Safety &


Quality control our proactive quality control measures set us apart from the competition.

The secret to an effective quality control program is really no secret at all — but it does require a steadfast commitment to monitoring critical processes from start to finish. By taking a proactive approach to quality control, we’re able to spot potential issues and take corrective action as soon as possible which helps to keep schedules on track and costs in check.


We respond to our customers’ high standards by aiming even higher

Osburn takes pride in responding to customer needs in a way that builds confidence. We find creative solutions to budget constraints and innovative approaches to design challenges. We take the time to understand your project and work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs. The benefits of our process are threefold:

Stage 1

Dependable Estimates

We know how to reduce costs without compromising quality and have resources beyond those of many contractors. We also have the experience to foresee problems that could impact your schedule and budget.

Stage 2

Objective Project Management

Our commitment to exceeding expectations gives you the assurance that we will be transparent in project management. You can trust us to maintain open communication and work together to achieve successful outcomes.

Stage 3

Superior Service

We know how to reduce costs without compromising quality and have resources beyond those of many contractors. We also have the experience to foresee problems that could impact your schedule and budget.


OSBURN Contractors has consistently performed beyond our expectations for the last 25+ years.  When we recently approached OSBURN to discuss the production and quality requirements of our 1,500,000 sf build to suit project they never flinched.  They developed a plan, committed to the plan and exceeded the plan.  86,000 cubic yards of high tolerance concrete placed in 42 days........incredible.......during the wettest season in the history of the DFW Metroplex.  Most thought it wasn't possible.......OSBURN proved them wrong.  OSBURN set the bar at a level others can't reach.

Teddy Peinado, President
FA Peinado Construction

Osburn Contractors LLC. is a true trade partner. Not only are they experts in their own field, they understand the project as a whole, which makes them an asset on any project.

Mike Rossetti, Project Manager
Talley Riggins Construction Group

Anchor Construction LLC has utilized the Osburn team on multiple projects over the past decade. They are a relationship driven company with a great team of individuals working to deliver a quality project on time, on budget with consistent and reliable results. Our experiences have been excellent with Osburn on all fronts from preconstruction budgeting to project execution and all that develops through the course of a project; Osburn has proven to be a trusted partner with a proven performance record.

Mike Jacka, Principal
Anchor Construction LLC

I had the pleasure of working with Osburn Contractors on a large automobile dealership project in 2019-2020.  Selecting Osburn to provide the turnkey concrete services was one of the best subcontractor selections I have made during 22 years as a general contractor.  Along with their capabilities, which are very impressive, they run their business from the office to the field like every business should be run.  Always professional, responsive, and no nonsense.  In an industry that can be full of nonsense.

Timothy D. McMahon, P.E. President
Duval General Contractors, LLC

Working in the Houston Market, I never imagined that getting concrete delivered would be an issue. My jobsite was at a standstill for a month because we couldn’t get concrete delivered. With Osburn Trucking, there’s no more waiting to get concrete to the job.

Mickey Thatcher
BO MAC Contractors

Bob Moore Construction, Inc. has used Osburn Contractors for 21 years on a wide variety of projects, and their team has never let us down. Osburn Contractors has proven themselves in quality, performance, and pricing consistently over time. They are able to bring the manpower and equipment when needed to meet the most aggressive schedules and to recover from weather delays. We view Osburn Contractors as one of our contractors of choice for quality, competitive, and timely concrete work.

Larry Knox, Executive Vice President
Bob Moore Construction, Inc.
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